Discover this Magical Wood Stain that will Change your Life Forever!

What is Unicorn SPiT

Well, it's a safe super vibrantly colorful gel stain that looks amazing! Unicorn SPiT is a concentrated stain you can use on almost anything.  Such a versatile product that can be used on so many surfaces, and in multiple ways and mixes. Unicorn spit projects are super fun.  Many people use multiple colors in one project. I call it Magic in a bottle! 

Designed by Michelle Nicole out of the need for a non-toxic colorful gel stain that her elderly friends could use, even if they couldn't hold a paintbrush, and boom in Feb. of 2015  our beloved Unicorn SPiT™ was born!

Michelle started making it in her house and later moved into full production that's why my bottles look different than current versions today. The first bottles (we affectionately call home brew) are held very dear to the members of the Unicorn group that have been here from the beginning.

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How to start? 

(link below to order, but for now on to the process.)

When you first get it take a few moments to practice. Shake, first then Open those bottles and get too it.  Don't wait and be afraid have fun and play with it! You will be upset you waited so long.

It's not exactly paint so it works different. It is described as paint, a glaze, and a gel stain all in one.  But it doesn't work like paint that you are used too.  It blends like melted butter. And it is natural for some of the wood to show through on completion.  I started with 2 boards and just plopped dribbles on and swiped.  After the first practice piece I was hooked! 

Here is my first 2 test pieces:

You don't have to use multiple colors many transformed furniture with one color and it looks fantastic.  However I just can't help myself and usually use 2 to 4 colors. 

On this practice piece I started with 2 colors on each board. I used full strength, but you can add water to it (I'll get to that later)

  • Slightly sanded (Get down to bare wood)
  • Applied 5 to 6 long blobs in both colors over the wood
  • Take a medium size foam brush and brush over the blobs
  • Wait till dry and seal with oil base sealer - (not water based)

TIP: Try to stop with too much blending it will smear the colors together and loose the look.  I had multiple foam brushes on hand to switch too if needed. Can use your fingers too --washes off with shampoo.

Tip for Lighter color more wood grain: You can add water to it and dilute it up to 10 % officially I have done more for different looks.  One Bottle lasts forever! 


This is an affiliate link but only because I have loved it so much:

Where to buy Unicorn Spit

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How to seal Unicorn Spit

Full strength is more like paint, but since Spit is water based it has to be sealed in order for your project to be done or it will wash right off.  You have to use an oil base sealer.  Make sure it has UV protection for outside projects. If you by accident use a water based sealer it will mix with the spit and ruin your project.  Can't tell if your sealer is water based? Check the clean up directions:  if it says wash up with soap and water - it's water based.

Upon sealing, it is natural for the thinner swiped spots to soak in more to the wood and thus showing the wood.  We spitters say it's just how Unicorn Spit works. It has a mind of it's own :)  I have gotten so many happy surprises with sealing because it make the colors pop, pop pop!  Spit when it dries looks more matte duller sort of look but this is ok.  I believe it helps dry faster as a result.  I usually wait 2 to 3 hours or so for full dry. 


The bottles have changed but the names haven't. 

Blues:  Unicorn Spit - Blue Thunder and Unicorn Spit Zia (lighter one)

Red: Unicorn Spit Molly Red Pepper

Yellow: Unicorn Spit Lemon Kiss

A lot of people ask this because they don't like the way Oil sealers yellow the look.  It recommends oil sealer.  I can tell you in my practice sessions I have sprayed 3 coats of clear spray paint on top (most brands work) and then after complete drying applied 2 coats of water based sealer and I was good to go.

This is an affiliate link but only because I have loved it so much:

Get it here: Click to learn about or to shop Unicorn Spit

Learn more: Beginner Tips and Ideas with Unicorn Spit

What a year of practice will get you: Click to see my largest project to date

There is so much more to say about this Magic in a bottle. There is so many things that it can be used on.  I will be writing more on this amazing product!  This is just the beginning.

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