Unicorn Spit Beginner Tips and Project Ideas

Unicorn Spit is magical! Learn how to use unicorn spit concentrated stain. It blends so well while maintaining it's vibrant color.

Save time and learn these quick steps.

So how to start?

(link below to order, but for now on to the process.)

When you first get Unicorn Spit take a few moments to practice. Shake, first then Open those bottles and get too it.  Don't wait and be afraid have fun and play with it! You will be upset you waited so long.

Just remember it not exactly paint -- so it works different. It is described as paint, a glaze, and a gel stain all in one. Such a versatile product that can be used on many surfaces, and in multiple ways and mixes.  It blends so well together. And it is natural for some of the wood to show through on completion.

In this video below I explain a few starter techniques.

Trying it out on smaller scale objects.  Like the tinest Unicorn spit table :)  so cute!  I love miniature things! Try this unicorn spit project.


TIP for Blending: Try to stop with too much blending it will smear the colors together and can loose the look.  I had multiple foam brushes on hand to switch too if the spit gets too muddy looking. Can use your fingers too --washes off with shampoo.

Tip for Lighter color more wood grain: You can add water to it and dilute it up to 10 % officially I have done more than 10% for different looks.  One Bottle lasts a really long time.

Want an even easier way with a high end look?

 Do you have to Seal Unicorn Spit?

YES, You have to seal spit.

A lot of people ask this because they don't like the way Oil sealers yellow the look.  Oil sealer is recommend . Epoxy (which is a learning curve in itself) Can also be used.   I can tell you in my practice sessions I have sprayed 3 coats of clear spray paint on top (most brands work) and then after complete drying applied 2 coats of water based sealer and I was good to go.

This is an affiliate link but only because I have loved it so much:

Get Unicorn Spit here: Click to learn about or to shop Unicorn Spit

What a year of practice will get you: Click to see my largest project to date

There is so much more to say about this Magic in a bottle. There is so many things that it can be used on.  I will be writing more on this amazing product!  This is just the beginning.

Discover Unicorn Spit:https://freestocktheartchickgraphics.com/blogs/news/what-you-can-achive-with-unicorn-spit

Look here for other art tutorials (Blog link at bottom of website)  -- Like to Decoupage? Many have mixed the 2 for 1 project - I have graphics and other art elements too: The Art Chick Graphic and Design




  • please help, i have messaged 20 or more times on different sites and not one person has responded to my request. i was using my tablet a few months ago unicorn spit popped up. as a new dinosaur diy person i thought it was great. so i purchased a set of the 10 gel stain. i purchased the book. all i want to recreate are the beautiful dining room tables that i see on the internet. all im making a
    is a mess. i need someone to hold my hand and help. i did the preparation on the table to bare wood. and did the leaf only in the red. it looks horrible. they did not tell you there were so many products on Amazon you must purchase to complete your project. i really wanted the product with the glaze. i also see a 2 part mixture to make it durable shiney and beautiful. i have a issue on the top coat on which is the absolute best beautiful brand to purchase, i dont have that kind of money. only started to help with my bills as my husband just passed from bone cancer and left me penniless. please respond, RESPECTFULLY michelletarr1959@gmail.com

    Michelle Tarr
  • Love this video on the picture frame. You have explained more in this one video than I’ve learned in all the other videos I e watched. I just recently bought unicorn spit and was disappointed in my end result. I now understand why ..it IS a stain and not a paint. And now I know how to get my colors to pop. Thank you so much…

  • Love your videos. I’m looking for some sort of colored stain for barn wood frames. Tried a Minwax water based (the solid version) but it was too much like paint. Any suggestions? Think the Unicorn Spit would work? Thank you!

    Susan Dubiel
  • @sandy — I believe you could – and then sealed really well

    theArt Chick
  • Can I use this on a surf board.

    Sandy OBrien

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