Our Story

I'm a mother, Army Veteran wife, graphic designer, spray paint and resin artist and my doggies own me.  You can usually find me inside (in the winter) outside in the summer. I am not a morning person ...... I mean I need coffee. 

I have recently added a new blog called Fur Baby Blog along with the DIY Craft one.  Animals have always been so important to me.

I grew up in a small rural town.   I was born to be an artist.  Growing up I was thinking up some new creation, skit or building forts - what ever I could imagine.  I would sell my coloring book art for 10 cents to my family.  I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted to do.  (This was before computers ( O_O )   Right after high school graduation I found out I was pregnant.  I was scared, but I made a decision to put all the time into my family. Got married and shortly there after had to put the brakes on.  What was I doing? This isn't how life should be. This isn't how I want to be treated.  I separated broken and sad. And like a gleaming soft light my now husband came into my life.  He was my daughter and my saving grace.  We created a loving and humorous family.

So when my daughter was 6  "we went to school" she went to kindergarten I went to college and got a degree in Graphic Arts. Looking back if I had attended college for graphic design when I graduated I would have a degree and the whole degree would not have been done on the computer.  Strange how things work out :)

During those years I perfected my craft got real world jobs and learned a lot.   Skip ahead many years my daughter went off to college and we sadly became empty nesters. She has graduated college with top honors and I am so proud of her!  

I am a remote graphic designer and had time to pick up many loves from the past. I started painting again and started up-cycling.  I love it and it kept me busy!  I even started a youtube channel ( the Art Chick )  where I teach art tutorials. I hope my art helps people and brings some soft light and inspiration your way. I hope my art helps make creators lives easier and brings some soft light and inspiration your way.