Unicorn Spit Color Wood Stain on a Picnic Table

Unicorn Spit a magical stain!  It blends like butter while maintaining it's vibrant color.

Unicorn Spit is considered a gel stain and glaze in ONE bottle.  And believe me the bottle might be small, but it can be used in so many ways and can last over a year depending on how you use it!

Their Tag Line: This AINT your daddys stain!

Unicorn Spit project ideas.  You can use it on many different surfaces!
  • Wood,
  • glass,
  • pottery,
  • canvas,
  • furniture,
  • concrete and laminate. 

Make some simple preparations first , either sand paper it or prime for best results.  I have done nothing and it still can work!  On wood I would suggest sanded and no gloss showing for the best results.

You can create something new or for DIY up-cycling on all your projects!

I adore using unicorn spit on wood as a stain.  It can be diluted with water to stretch it even further. The results are a lighter color that still shows the wood grain. Which is my fav!  I learned to not be scared of a torch and wood burn in order to make my projects even better. 

Below is a youtube video of my picnic table hand stained. HOURS of work. I used Unicorn spit for the colorful stain. It has sold, but I'm thinking of doing another this summer with a video tutorial. It's too cold outside now so subscribe if you would like to get notifications. I have put up other art video tutorials up in the mean time.

Edit: Please go to this play list in youtube to see the videos on unicorn spit on how to use on a picnic table. Save subscribe and watch click here

  *Please note I have practiced with Unicorn Spit for about a year before I attempted this. It took a total 1 month to complete. Still stands as one of my largest piece of functional art I have ever made.

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(This is an affiliate link, but only because I have been a user of spit since when Michelle was making it herself in her kitchen! I believe and use it all the time with amazing results.)

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There are plenty of beginner learning techniques and projects.  I have posted some on my channel. 

the Art Chick

 There are many steps to completion. The process:

  • Sand ruff spots
  • Carefully Wood Burn with torch -with help from adult if needed.
  • Hand paint the stain with diluted and not diluted spit.
  • Flow the grain when you apply the colored stain
  • UV Stain Top Coat - UV Marine Varnish (I did 3 full top coats)


 When you are applying the US (unicorn spit)  and it dries it looks almost dull and a bit chalky.  The magic happens when you put the top coat on it deepens the color and shows more of the wood grain.

Learn the Process here:

Part 1 - How to torch wood - Click Here

Part 2 Unicorn Spit PART 2 - How to apply on wood - Click Here

There is so much more to say about this Magic in a bottle. There is so many things that it can be used on.  I will be writing more on this amazing product!  This is just the beginning.

Discover Unicorn Spit:https://freestocktheartchickgraphics.com/blogs/news/what-you-can-achive-with-unicorn-spit

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  • @Kaitlyn -Colors used: Phoenix Fire , Zia (by itself and Zia / Blue Thunder mix

    @Paul It was torched first and not layered but some naturally overlapped but the dark base and light helped give it dimension – I have a video here: Part 2 Unicorn Spit PART 2 – How to apply on wood

    theArt Chick
  • Which bottles did you use of unicorn spit to get the colors you ended up with

  • Love the table. To get the variations in the stain did you layer it or apply it in individual areas where the colour shows?

    Thanks, looking forward to following you.


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