Paint Pour Resin Geode - How to youtube video

How to make a Resin Geode starting with Acrylic Pouring.

Add a unique wall art to any space in your house with abstract Resin Geode Art on Canvas. 

Start with using interesting paint pour combinations with metallic paints, glitter, resin, blue crushed glass, and some creative time, you'll transform the blank canvas, into a vibrant, geode work of art.

  • Discover a new art technique with pouring paint onto your canvas first and then sealing it with resin.  Begin with ease by following the video with step by step instructions.
  • With this tutorial below shows you how you can create impressive, sparkling Rainbow Paint Pour Resin Geodes yourself. Step by step instructions show you how you can easily cast these luxury unique resin geodes.  Here you will get all the information and includes tips and tricks for a excellent finished piece.

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    Materials in the video (affiliate link because I like and use them)

    Floetrol Flood:

    Various Acrylic paints -Famowood Resin -

    Gloves, tape, Mixing Cups, Canvas (Lowes)

    Silicone mix Set (all in one ) here:

    Famowood Resin

    Canvas, value pack here: (8x10" pack of 10)

    Epoxy Used: Famowood **Please be careful and read all epoxy directions. There have been stories where people are allergic and didn't know it. I mix my epoxy outside. The 2 chemicals are reacting to each other in the mixing so be careful.

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