DIY Resin Geode Wall Art - Get the Bling! Step by Step Tutorial

DIY Resin Geode Wall Art

Resin Geode Wall Art has become a trendy beautiful Art form. Inspired by natural geodes, you can now create beautiful geodes with resin and a few sparkly items.

  • deco stones
  • mica
  • glitter
  • acrylic gems
  • glass
  • metallic things
  • crystals
  • more glitter!

resin geode wall art

You can also embellish any paint pour into a Gorgeous Geode. If you use gems in it it will have to be secured. Resin will secure just about anything you put in it.  If you have used silicone in your paintings you may have to wipe that down with alcohol or coat with something like clear spray paint first.

If you are looking on how to make geodes or to give away as gifts, then you will love this youtube tutorial!

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Resin - Must haves to Start Product List - and Tips

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Epoxy Used: Famowood **Please be careful and read all epoxy directions. There have been stories where people are allergic and didn't know it. I mix my epoxy outside. The 2 chemicals are reacting to each other in the mixing so be careful.

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