Ideas of what to do when stuck at your home with Kids.

What to do when a stay in your house order is in place and you have kids. The Corona Virus Quarantine School Closings is affecting most of the US and is worldwide as we all know too well now.

It is very very hard to be hunkered down in your house.  The stress over everything can be overwhelming. If you have children it will be extra stress because you can’t take them anywhere , the Y’s are closed , museums, events and all places.  So what do you do?

First take a little time to make a weekly plan.  If you want you can structure it like school. Some schools will have online teaching and homework, but like around here in the rural areas it will be less of that and more you have to come up with ideas.

Take all or some of these ideas and mix them into your weekly schedule.


  • Dance Class!  Let them lead and you follow
  • Make game out of Legos
  •  Draw a game. Tape paper together and draw lines to follow , spaces, (use go back one space, advance, jump up and down, what ever fun thing you want!   Use dice or cut paper with numbers on it.  Make or find the player pieces around the house.
  • Have them make skits up and then act them out.  Video them for fantastic memories later on!  Don’t forget the commercials! lol use anything around the house to make them.
  • Ask then to come up with ideas for something to do today.
  • Fake Hair Salon – Kids or you can sit there and get our hair done 🙂
  • Any game that involves picking up the house – count the items they picked up and put away properly, have a winner that gets something , make a certificate, sticker, cookie, dime, whatever you want.
  • Look up simple to make food. Let them have “cooking lessons”
  • Coloring and art time.  I have video tutorials here and plan on making more during this time.  the Art Chick Channel
With children it’s important to let them use their energy so outside play is perfect!  Even in a small area there is stuff to do like jumping, jump rope, running in place, etc.

Look up DIY things

  •     Make hand soap
  •     Learn to paint
  •     DIY how to make slime
  •     Check pintrest for many many ideas!

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