Decoupage -Is it for you? - DIY with Mod Podge

Decoupage is and art form all in it self.  I use Mod Podge, a glue, in combo with decorative paper cutouts. Decoupage is adding paper onto other objects.  You can use other materials which I will get into later.  This is a small plant stand table I made using the techniques in this article.
















What you need:  Bare minimum is Mod Podge, paint brush, your paper or materials and the object to put it on.

The Decoupage Process:

First while using a paint brush, dip it in the glue and spread it liberally and evenly on the object. This will allow for some slight adjustments if needed because it can be moved on top of the glue.  It's all about the feel and needs some practice.

Then lay the cutout down (pressing it out) with sponge or flat edge cardboard

---> Wait 20 to 30 minutes until dry , don't skip this step

Then go over the top with the glue.    Let it dry for 24 hours.  Sometimes there are bubbles. - Decoupage's enemy!!


Taking care of Bubbles: (practice helps)

Weak Paper: go over it before you glue the top carefully.  It may rip it is wet now.

Stronger Paper: can be fix before and even after gluing done.

I have seen fabric used , it's a little easier I can imaging to work with because you can lift and let bubbles out.  I haven't tried it myself --yet!

You can decoupage pretty much anything , jars, frames, coasters, table tops or even canvases. It works on so many things experimenting is the fun part!

TIP: If you are just starting up start smaller with pieces that can be layered easily over each other in case of rips and also easier to get rid of bubbles.

 Also it is good to add special effects using gold leaf and paint.  Don't be afraid to make a mistake because that is how you learn.  So So many times I have had happy accidents!  I actually think it is essential to be creative and growing as an artist.

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What is good to use for decoupage? 

  • magazines
  • scrapbook paper
  • laser printed paper (of your own artwork too) i.e. print shops to get it made.
  • photos
  • try different things!

What not to use:

  • Inkjet prints (it reacts with the water in the glue and smears)
  • too thick of objects

Best Tip - have fun making a one of a kind item!  Only one in the world made very uniquely!!



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