How to Unicorn Spit on a Picnic Table (video tutorial)

How to Unicorn Spit on a picnic table. Get amazing results! 

If your a beginner I would advise looking into practice pieces before starting a project like this as it can take up to a 3 weeks to complete. Click for intro to Unicorn Spit

Unicorn Spit is considered a gel stain and glaze in ONE bottle.  And believe me the bottle might be small, but it can be used in so many ways and can last over a year depending on how you use it!

Although you can use Spit on many different surfaces!  Wood, glass, pottery, canvas, furniture, concrete and laminate I will show you how to apply on a unfinished wood picnic table.  Make some simple preparations first , either sand paper it or prime for best results.  I have done nothing and it still can work!  On wood I would suggest sanded and no gloss showing for the best results.

First if you want this look you have to torch the wood.  I was scared of a torch for awhile so I had my husband show me how to use it to get over my fear.

Here is a video of how to torch wood: (fails and fixes)

 It's ok to go back and look it over the next day and either sand or torch more.  It's kinda hard to do it all in one day hand starts hurting from holding the torch and I didn't want to drop it!

TIP: cover your picnic table pieces with a tarp or keep inside -- it rained and the wood got wet and since it takes awhile it started to grey a bit.  It caused more sanding and more work.

Next step.  Plan out your color schemes.

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Part 2 Applying Spit to your projects:

 I hope these videos help you achieve your dreams of capturing all Unicorn Spit can do.  Really I believe I will always be learning!  

I plan on showing the process of the top of it.  Join us spitters! Sub here for notifications when that is complete and learn new techniques

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  **This is a separate picnic table I did last year. 

Below is a video of my picnic table hand stained HOURS of work. I used Unicorn spit for the colorful stain.

  *Please note I have practiced with Unicorn Spit for about a year before I attempted this. It took a total 1 month to complete. Still stands as one of my largest piece of functional art I have ever made..... So far!


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There are plenty of beginner learning techniques and projects.  I have posted some on my channel. 

the Art Chick

 There are many steps to completion.

  • Sand ruff spots
  • Carefully Wood Burn with torch -with help from adult if needed.
  • Hand paint the stain with diluted and not diluted spit.
  • Flow the grain when you apply the colored stain
  • UV Stain Top Coat - UV Marine Varnish (I did 3 full top coats)


 When you are applying the US (unicorn spit)  and it dries it looks almost dull and a bit chalky.  The magic happens when you put the top coat on it deepens the color and shows more of the wood grain.

Learn the Process via youtube here:

Part 1 - How to torch wood - Click Here

Part 2 Unicorn Spit PART 2 - How to apply on wood - Click Here

Shop Unicorn Spit here: Click to learn about or to shop Unicorn Spit

This is an affiliate link, but only because I have been a user of spit since when Michelle was making it herself in her kitchen! I believe and use it all the time with amazing results.

There is so much more to say about this Magic in a bottle. There is so many things that it can be used on.  I will be writing more on this amazing product!  This is just the beginning.


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  • I am by no means a expert in fact this was my first DIY project remotely close to staining wood besides a quick furniture touch up. I Have to say it’s going so well and I’m so proud of this project picnic table and benches. However I know for a fact it would not have gone half as good without your videos and blog. Thank you!
    Ps I wish I could share a pic 🤪

    Quin P
  • Why does it need torching first please?

  • I’m a newbie but have done a few pieces. I found your videos very informative & user friendly. Thanks for the knowledge you shared.

    Rennie Hayes
  • I just started working with Unicorn Spit and have watched many videos. I found your video very educational and I am in the process of doing a board for a Welcome sign. I’m excited to be finished.

    Kim Harber

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