Eagle Flag Picnic Table - Using Unicorn Spit and Total Boat top coat. Youtube Tutorial

Extreme Unicorn Spit on a Picnic Table Tutorial.

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If your a beginner I would advise looking into practice pieces before starting a project like this as it can take up to a 3 weeks to complete. Click for intro to Unicorn Spit


Unicorn Spit is considered a gel stain and glaze in ONE bottle.  And believe me the bottle might be small, but it can be used in so many ways and can last over a year depending on how you use it!

Although you can use Spit on many different surfaces!  Wood, glass, pottery, canvas, furniture, concrete and laminate I will show you how to apply on a unfinished wood picnic table. This is a 3 Part series.  There is so much involved for this large project.  First you have to sand any ruff spots and the picnic table is not assembled.  This helps you get to all sides and edges.

If you are just interested in the top part skip to Part 3



First,  if you want this look you have to torch the wood.  I was scared of a torch for awhile so I had my husband show me how to use it to get over my fear.

Here is a video of how to torch wood: (fails and fixes)


 After that is completed you can happily move on to part 2 :) I this video you learn about Unicorn Spit and how to apply it to the wood.  It's not exactly paint but the thicker you put it on is closer to paint.  The beauty of spit is that it allows the wood grain to still show though. It's blends so nice like butter mmmmmm.


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 For the top it can be anything you like. Here is how I accomplished the Flag and Eagle. Just for reference I had to speed up and cut some parts of the video so it was too long.  For reference I spent and hour on the eagles head alone.

 TIP: While working on your picnic table pieces cover with a tarp or keep inside -- it rained and the wood got wet and since it takes awhile it started to grey a bit.  It caused more sanding and more work.


I hope these videos help you achieve your dreams of capturing all Unicorn Spit can do. Really I believe I will always be learning!  Join us spitters! Sub here for notifications when that is complete and learn new techniques.

Here: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheArtChick/videos

  SHOP Unicorn Spit -> https://www.michellenicoles.com/theArtChick?rfsn=3790263.1b4a32

This is an affiliate link, but only because I have been a user of spit since when Michelle was making it herself in her kitchen! I believe and use it all the time with amazing results.

There is so much more to say about this Magic in a bottle. There is so many things that it can be used on.  I will be writing more on this amazing product!  This is just the beginning.

UV Top Coat is called Total Boat.  I was so impressed with it I will be using it again!.

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