Where to start Paint Pouring with Little to No Art Experience, Beginner Tips

 To start get floetrol and a few colors of paint.

  Stay away from the color yellow for now.  Pick colors if mixed that will go together and not make brown . Pick one that is easier like Flip cup or swipe (swipe less paint needed.  Watch a youtube video and follow along. 

It can get overwhelming if you watch a lot of videos. There are so many techniques.

Stick with the one you picked till you feel comfortable with it and then move on. 

Start with easier ones:

  • Flip Cup
  • Swipe

Pick up to 3 colors - refrain from picking yellows.  Think if they all mix what would the color be?  If it was brown skip those colors. Think Blue, white, pink mixed you will get purple.

What you will need (affiliate link because I like and use them) 

  • Acrylic Paint and or House Paint (stay away from apple blossom brands)
  • Floetrol- https://amzn.to/3i4FNbY
  • Water
  • Something to lay down to protect carpets /table
  • Paper towels / cups
  • Canvas or something to pour on.  Value pack here: https://amzn.to/3vwPaFk (8x10" pack of 10)

To save some money scrape the canvases that you don't like and reuse.  I save my scraped paint to mix all together to make a different color.

 Ideas: old records as a canvas, think outside the box for cheaper ideas.  You can get canvases at thrift shops or yard sales.


Strain your floetrol before mixing it with your paint. It can get clumpy. Attach a piece of panty hose to the bottle so it strains as you pour. If you don't catch it it will be a bump in your finished piece.

  • Use a straw to blow it out
  • Use a wet paper towel to swipe

Paint mixing is important: Basically follow this to start with the mention techniques. (Flip cup or Swipe) Mixed ratio are appx doesn't have to be exact because it's about the consistency. Paint drips in a string like flow. 1 part paint + 2 parts flood add drips of water if needed for the string like flow off of whatever you are mixing it with.

paint pour swipe

What obstacles do you have to over come when your setting up you space to paint? 

This is one of the hardest part to starting.  I use a fold out table with a tarp underneath.  Then you also have to consider where to put them when they are drying. It has to be level otherwise the paint will just slide right off. I got impatient and skipped that step and woke up the next day to see it dripped a long paint line on the plastic and on our carpet - I washed but it was the next day and black in color!  Eeks what a mess.


Please, Please don't be afraid to start.  Just start small and figure practice time doesn't have to be master pieces.  Learning the paints, and thickness and movement right now is more important.

Check out more videos when your ready.  My channel here:  theArt Chick

 I work with Paint, Resin and Unicorn Spit mainly

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