10 Amazing Unicorn Spit Project Ideas

Unicorn SPiT Project IdeasList with photos and video links of some of the many Unicorn Spit Projects you can do yourself.

UNICORN SPiT SPARKLING is a paint, gel stain and glaze concentrate - all in one bottle.

Princess Beach Blend:  Sand your furniture piece.

Colors used:  Blue Thunder, Zia and Pixie Pink Punk,

Mix the zia 50/50 with Blue thunder and Pixie Pink Punk to make it more of  pastel color look. Start and work quickly putting the spit down and blend as you go.  If you go back over it has to be good a wet still otherwise it will pick back up and or over mix. Let completely dry and seal.  More on sealing check out my youtube The Art Chick

Beach table Unicorn spit idea


This is a dollar store vase (below) and then Unicorn spit is dripped from a paint brush down the sides. When I was getting close to being done I carefully spilled some out to help that dry in a shorter time. Check outside of vase and wipe any spit that is on the outside. Leave some bare spots and let completely dry for a week maybe more if needed. Then tap off and put a bag over it.  Spray paint gold on the inside - or any color you would like.



Unicorn spit vasehow to unicorn spit a vase

This process is the Princess Beach blend on a different project.

Unicorn Spit on a plant stand. (below)


"Unicorn Spit" night light: Up cycling a plastic container.  Unicorn spit the outside how every you want. For this it was full strength spit.  I painted a autumn unicorn for my daughters room.  I sealed with clear spray paint and added white Christmas lights on the inside. The brown color is the natural color of the wood showing through.


 Coffee Table: Not into all the mixed colors?  Here is a Blue thunder/ Zia 50/50 mix.

Unicorn Spit is not exactly like paint some of the wood especially if darker will show through. It's the beauty of it's nature. Get paint if you want a full coverage or you can do several coats, but you have to seal each one, otherwise the wet spit will just reactivate and you will have a mess.


2 colors can make a great orange color.  The colors really pop with Unicorn Spit.

 It is important to practice when you first receive it to learn and feel how it works. Below was a practice board.  For this one I used it straight no water.  I squeezed random colors on the board and used a dry brush to go back and forth with a light touch and I didn't go back and rework parts that were done.

Small table with drawer:

Colors used: 

  • Navajo Jewel (turquoise green)
  • Zia (very light blue)
  • Pixie Pink Punk
  1.   Slightly sanded 
  2.  Applied 5 to 6 long blobs over the wood
  3.  Take a 2 medium size foam brush and brush over the blobs (alternating brush for colors)
  4.  Wait till dry and seal with oil base sealer - (not water based) If you would like spray with a clear spray 2x then it's ok to use a waterbase sealer.



     Princes beach blend on a wood wine rack.


    This is more complicated (Below) , wood is burned with a torch and follow the wood grain as you go. Video on how this is done here: the Art Chick Youtube

    The best Unicorn spit project ideas

     Use it on other surfaces :

    • glass
    • metal,
    • fabric
    • canvases
    • pottery
    • wicker
    • concrete
    • laminate


     This took a month of work and can show you what you can do with some practice.


    Unicorn spit project ideas

     eagle table

    Often this question comes up:

    Do you have to Seal Unicorn Spit?

    YES, You have to seal spit.

    A lot of people ask this because they don't like the way Oil sealers yellow the look.  Oil sealer is recommend . Epoxy (which is a learning curve in itself) Can also be used.   I can tell you in my practice sessions I have sprayed 3 coats of clear spray paint on top (most brands work) and then after complete drying applied 2 coats of water based sealer and I was good to go.

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