Unicorn Spit on a Jewelry Box from Michaels Stores

Unicorn SPiT vibrant Metallic Wood Stain Idea. Take those boring wooden boxes to an amazing functional art!

How to video. (below) Works on Glass, metal, wood, fabric, concrete…just to say a few! Use it once and you will absolutely love this innovative art medium that comes in concentrate and lasts a long time.

What a vibrant colored wood stain.

It is non-toxic and water based. Many colors available including shimmer colors and Metallic which is used on the Jewelry box.  One of the best things about it is that it doesn't smell like a traditional stain.

UNICORN SPiT is not exactly paint so you have to practice with it.

It can be used in so many ways:

  • Use as a Stain
  • Use as a Paint (sort of)
  • Dilute it with water to allow the wood grain to show through
  • Use as a Gel or Glaze
  • It is concentrated dilute for White Wash or Tinting

Video also  includes how to seal Unicorn Spit the right way.

Colors used: (only 2) - no torching to the wood needed.

  • ATLANTiS (Turquoise METALLiC)
  • APHRODiTE (Rose Gold METALLiC)


 Where to get Unicorn Spit:

-- Get Unicorn Spit Here: https://www.michellenicoles.com/theArtChick?rfsn=3790263.1b4a32 This is an affiliate link, but only because I have been a user of spit since when Michelle was making it herself in her kitchen! I use it all the time with amazing results.

Check out my youtube channel - The Art Chick for all sorts of art how to videos.


- Looking to learn more about Unicorn Spit? I have more articles in my blog.

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