Unicorn Spit Amazing Blending for a Tie Dye look on Canvas - Project Ideas

Unicorn Spit is awesome on wood surfaces, but did you know you can use it on canvases too?

Actually you can use it on these surfaces as well:

  • glass
  • vases
  • metal
  • cloth
  • pottery
  • wicker
  • concrete
  • laminate


    Check out this is a video on how to make a tie dye look on a canvas! First one that I made sold. Fun to do as a beginner to advanced.  You can do it it is a simple and fun process - Give it a try!

     With more or less water you can have many different looks.


    Buy Here --This is an affiliate link, but only because I have been a user of spit since when Michelle was making it herself in her kitchen. I love it and use it all the time .

    With Unicorn Spit, it needs to be sealed.  An oil base sealer is needed.  If you use a water-based it will reactivate your dried spit and mess up your project and all of your hard work!

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