Resin Geodes: Crushed Glass vs Crushing your Glass

Resin Geodes:  Crushed Glass vs Crushing your Glass

Before I was on youtube this was my first Geode I ever made.
I crushed my own glass by putting it in a pan and heating it up. Then I put that in ice cold water. From there it broke on the inside and I put it in a ziplock bag.
I really don't recommend this way after doing it.
In the ziplock bag, I took it outside and hammered it. This was horrible and the bag ripped. I carefully brought it inside and took out the larger shards with gloves and used them. I felt this was too dangerous with bare feet later (in case I dropped any luckily didn't) or my dogs walked on any shards. So from now on I just buy the crushed glass. Plus the fumes from the heating it on my pan were strong not a good idea either.
This can be the "cheaper way" but it is not the best way.  I highly recommend purchasing the already broken glass. It isn't as sharp they use the safety glass.  You still have to be careful but it is so so so much better than doing it your self.

In this video I show how to make a geode and I use the safety glass.


Geode Acrylic Pour first , add gems/glass and finish with a glass like resin topcoat. #geode #famowood #resingeode #acrylicPour

I have many more videos on my channel.  My Channel has Art tutorials that mainly deal with Resin, Acrylic Pours and Unicorn Spit (a colored wood stain)


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