Resin Galaxy Top coat on Furniture - How to Youtube video Tutorial

If you are new to resin it does take a learning curve. 

I had a love/hate relationship with it until I used it many many times.  Now I feel comfortable using it.  This one turned out like a gorgeous Galaxy!


resin furniture table top upcycle

In this video I make this plant stand into a piece of functional art.

before furniture DIY upcycle

You can choose any color combinations you want.  This has 2 colors and an accent of LUXE powder Fire Rainbow! The 2 colors are blue and black. I added acrylic paint 2 drops in an approx cup full of resin.

One mistake I made so you don't have to is that I didn't seal the crack enough for it not to show through in the end. You can see it in the video and if you have a hot glue gun this would have taken car of it.  I can still fix this though by adding one more clear flood coat.  Most times you do need 2 coats to fix bubbling or bumps in the resin first coat.

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Epoxy Used: Famowood **Please be careful and read all epoxy directions. There have been stories where people are allergic and didn't know it. I mix my epoxy outside. The 2 chemicals are reacting to each other in the mixing so be careful.

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