Making Beautiful Resin Coasters from Molds -How to

Resin Coasters are beautiful unique and an excellent handmade gift.  You can even start your own business and sell them like hotcakes! 

Resin has it's own mind!  The nature of it is a little unpredictable so don't think it will look exactly the same when dried.  It has a flow to it and will change. You must go with what emerges and be ok with it!

You will see in the video tutorial that the pattern is different than what techniques were that were tried and still they came out absolutely gorgeous!

What can you add to Resin Coasters?

I'd have to say just about everything.  If you want to use flowers then make sure they are completely dry!  Resin warms so don't pick anything too light plastic as it could blob.  You can add, seashells, crystals, acrylic crystals, vase fillers, so many things.  Just remember to put them near the back for front because if they stick out you still have to be able to use them as coasters.


What you need for this tutorial:

  • Resin- Epoxy - I used Famowood Epoxy
  • Gloves , mask and proper PPE  (Be careful to not get any on skin)
  • Paint (additive) use small amounts
  • or Resin Powders
  • Glitters or Mica Powders
  • Silicone Mold
  • Mixing tools (I used Kabob sticks)
  • Cup or silicone cup for mixing and spreading
  • small cups to mix different colors -if needed
  • Metallic Gold Paint Pen

 Resin Coaster tutorial via Youtube:


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  • What did you put around the edges of you coasters. Looks like once you took them out of the molds you painted or foiled the edges.
    Thank you

    Nancy Deleeuw

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