How to find Digital Stock Images for Template Makers that Resell

With the chaos of the many many different licenses agreements and the policies it can be very hard to locate the right site to find good high quality images that are also ok to use and resell.  They are almost non-existent with out highly expensive add on licenses - if at all.

Usually you can't just resell photos or illustrations.. You need proper licensing or express permission from the copyright holder Ripping a photo from the net is forbidden for resell or commercial use. Don't do it! Plus they are usually low res and not fitted properly on what you need and may be grounds for legal action.

Website Template makers know difficult problem all to well.  With so many getting into the template world even any template maker --> if your not a graphic designer or a photographer it may be difficult once you get started and need images.

There are so many places to sell templates:

Template Monster, Theme Forest, Templamatic, FlashDen, , TalkFreelance, Ebay and many more.

But the images?

Words to look for when looking for images:

When you are reading the terms of use look for keywords like, resell, redistribute, POD (print on demand) rules and look to see if they allow for this or not. Some don't let you modify and this is big if your an artist or template maker wanting to change anything in the stock image or to merge it with your art projects. If ever in doubt send them an email and ask for clarification.

This ehemmm fantastic site has images you can use for resell and modification up to 1000x. 

Its actually a rule to add your art elements , text ect to the commercial stock images. It is my site and I just ask that you do not sell the image by them selves or the source code. POD is ok to use too just mix it with your art or text. Copyright still belongs to me the "The Art Chick"  But go --> Embed it, change it, use it!!

I am a professional graphic designer and love making any and all art!  Enjoy

**I will be adding to this list as well.  For other stock sites that offer this contact me on my website and email me to learn how you can be added to the list.









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