How to deal with Unwanted Criticism of your Art

It's very hard to spend time and energy on a work of art ---> only to hear someone that you didn't ask criticize it.

 It happens to all of us artists at one time or another. Of course, it is different if you are asking, often those suggestions will help you grow even if you have to take a breath and take it in, then exhale it out. Art is a great meditation and helps many people get though rough times. It is healing. Don't let negative comments stifle your creative soul.

It's easy to get upset by comments that touch a nerve.  Take a moment to yourself , taking a breath, listen and try not being defensive. You could really learn something. Before you explain your position hear them out.  They might be curious or you think it is criticism when it actually not.

--- If it is out right nasty, it is best to not respond. --- Better they look like the jerk

That is the harder thing to do.  If it's in writing on social media there are just plain nasty rude humans.  They say it and move on to another leaving behind so much negativity. If it's your post it's ok to simply remove and or block them if necessary.  

I recently put an item up for sale and it had a flag and eagle on it. I was very proud of it and didn't make it for any one party or anything like that.  I started it when I saw all the essential workers step up during the corona virus outbreak. I love our flag and see hope and of course I know we can be better. I happily listed it for sale and second day received and email  (yep you read it right --> an email they actually took the time I was so surprised) - I won't go into details but it wasn't a good one and even said disparaging flag things. I was pretty de-flated that day. When I posted to social media so far great comments and it's strange that that one sticks around stinging.

If your new and want to try something a little easier check out this playlist of: Simple Wall Art on Canvas.

 Dealing with public and your art is often a tricky situation. Over time it is easier to develop a thick skin. Don't make excuses for your work.  It came from your heart and there is a piece of you in it. Appreciate the support you do get and try to let that sink in deeper.


❤️ I hope I could help some.  ❤️ You are love

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