Extra Sparkle BLING Art work. Large Sun Catcher made with Epoxy resin. Resin Geode

Large Epoxy Resin Pour - Sun Catcher with EXTRA TOTAL BLING! Resin geode on plexiglass.

 I call it Komorebi (Sunshine filtering through the trees.) 

Epoxy Resin pour with extreme Bling and Sparkle is for all the glitter sparkle lovers!

My friend had some plexi glass and asked me to do something that sparkles. I know she loves all that glitters so this is a massive dazzler! It's on Plexi Glass and is a free hanging so the sunlight can come through the back.

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Various different glass,acrylic gems and glitter was used. I tried out LUXE products for the first time. -The EXTRA! :D In my opinion Makes IT!

Learn how to make this: Youtube Creation Video below.


Used: Antique Gold Mirror , exciting glitter from the Northern Lights package ,(from WYNN modern art.) Gold paint pens, and acrylic vase fillers. Hot glue gun and Crystal lacquer.

 @WYNN modern art. Victoria Wynn  Color changing powders: Use code PAULA51931 code for 10% off. Pixie Wing LUXE Powder Color shifting

Epoxy Used: Famowood   **Please be careful and read all epoxy directions. There have been stories where people are allergic and didn't know it. I mix my epoxy outside. The 2 chemicals are reacting to each other in the mixing so be careful.


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