Come see what a Optical Crystal Sculpture Artist does!

Eric Niehe is an Optical Crystal Sculpture Artist innovating new techniques in the art of Cold-Worked Glass.

The discipline involves an intricate sequence of precise design, laminating, cutting, grinding, polishing...followed by more laminating, cutting, grinding, polishing until the final sculpting/polishing stage during which the exquisite final product emerges.
Eric utilizes several variations of glass (dichroic borosilicate, coloured crystal and clear crystal) to achieve a spectacular spectrum color display when his art pieces are exposed to light.

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"My dream is to open my own studio/gallery/teaching space. This new opportunity will allow me to explore my creativity, share my art with the public and teach new eager artists the skills to bring their own dreams to life. I set out to produce art that is objectively beautiful, but has the potential to be subjectively spiritual. You can help me reach my dream and continue spreading positive energy and beauty in this world that seems to need it now more than ever."

Although this art form is relatively new, Eric hopes to follow in the footsteps of legendary artists John Kuhn, Toland Sands, and Jack Storms. Each of these artists has their own style and Eric plans to make his mark on this new art space by following his own unique approach

"Once I have invested in the necessary machinery, I can use my skills and passion to create so many new and exciting art designs I have planned. Backers of my campaign will forever be part of my artistic journey and i truly appreciate each one of your contributions"

Backers of his campaign can receive their very own piece of crystal art to either wear or display in their home for years/generations to come.

Eric is also holding a "Backer Appreciation Prize Draw" a the end of the campaign for campaign supporters. There will be 5 Crystal Art prizes ($4,000+ retail value) randomly selected from the list of kickstarter backers.

Prize Draw Details:


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