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Bullying is a ramped heart breaking problem.  I'm not sure if it's on the rise or it's more in focus these days with the internet and access to phone camera.  Either way it has always been a tough subject for parents and for children. 

Bullying is a behavior pattern of harming and/or humiliating others. 

I can see the difference in how it is handled, my husband growing up, me growing up and our child.  My husband is an army veteran and grew up in a large family and it wasn't an easy life.  The dynamics were totally different, defending yourself was not only accepted it was needed and he did it.  Later on I will talk of our different experiences growing up, but for now I'd like to focus on little things parents can do to help inspire kids today. 

What to do?

I love the idea of leaving little notes or even just tell them, but sometimes I believe leaving the notes or having positive quotes around the house is very helpful.  They read it and take it in vs "oh that's what parents just say"  It is critical that they hear it from you too. However it's nice to have that "extra" around for times they might not want to open up.  

  " Here we go, door slammed and they are in their room"  A scenario all parents know.  Now what if you slipped a cute note under the door with a simple ---> " There is nothing wrong with you being you" message.  This could change a mood instantly.  I hope it would .....some kids are harder... so you know your child the best   Pick things that will work with them. 

You can create your own or save time and check out the ones I created.

I am an artist and I have created some cute inspiring colorful printable quotes all in one Bundle.  I added small versions of the best for "small" notes 4 to a page to cut out and put in lunch boxes, back packs, under their pillows or use as bookmarks. On sale for $7 for all  Click to see the quotes

I hope this idea helps you all.

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