3 Techniques for Unicorn Spit

Unicorn SPiT 3 Cool Techniques

Safe super vibrantly colorful gel/paint  wood stain that looks outstanding!  Many people use multiple colors in one project. I call it Magic in a bottle!  This article covers 3 techniques anyone can do.

Step by Step Process

Spit is not exactly paint so it works different. It is described as paint, a glaze, and a gel stain all in one.  But it doesn't work like paint that you are used too.  It blends like melted butter. And it is natural for some of the wood to show through on completion. 

Unicorn spit


There is also a bit on how to seal because that is important to not make a mistake on that part. It recommends oil sealer a water-based sealer will re-ignite the water based spit. A lot of people ask this because they don't like the way oil sealers yellow the look. In the video I explain how you can do it with water based with a few preparations ahead of time.


When you first get it take a few moments to practice. Shake, first then Open those bottles and get too it.  Don't wait and be afraid have fun and play with it! You will be upset you waited so long.


1st Technique - Part 1



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Technique 2 and 3

About Spit

Designed by Michelle Nicole out of the need for a non-toxic colorful gel stain that her elderly friends could use --- even if they couldn't hold a paintbrush --- and boom in Feb. of 2015  our beloved Unicorn SPiT™ was born!

Michelle started making it in her house and later moved into full production that's why my bottles look different than current versions today. The first bottles (we affectionately call home brew) are held very dear to the members of the Unicorn group that have been here from the beginning.


What a year of practice will get you: Click to see my largest project to date

There is so much more to say about this Magic in a bottle. There is so many things that it can be used on.  I will be writing more on this amazing product!  This is just the beginning. #UnicornSpit #Colorwoodstain #DIY #Upcycle

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  • What were the other paints that were used?

  • I love this! Thanks so much! Can I use this for countertops? Is it safe to epoxy over and maintain the look?

  • Burning the wood made the wood grain easier to see.

  • It turned out beautiful, but why burn the wood when you can’t see it, I thought you had to dilute it to make it more of a stain, it looks more like paint. Thank you


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