12 Fun and Funny Halloween Costume Ideas!

Many of you know me for my Art Tutorials. But Art and creative-ness spills out all over!  We have quite a lot of fun around Halloween time :) My husband is a hoot and loves dressing up and making people laugh.

First up

Halloween Costumes from Beetle Juice!

Beetle Juice Shrunken Head Guy

This was a hit!  I made the head from the spongy like play doh on a stick attached to a hat (underneath) I tied a rubber band around an old wig and cut the hair.  Glued it on top.

Beetle Juice , Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice

beetle juice costume


 Baby Scott LOL - This brought so many laughs you wouldn't believe it! More about the Burlap fail costume below.


  Nerd and Old Lady!  Very fun costumes!


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 The Viking --> The costume came and it was a bit small and weak looking so I added a whole bunch to it. 

halloween Costume DIY

The Viking and the Pirate! The beautiful pirate is such a fun costume that can work well - add high boots for that special sexy look!


Spectacular Skeleton Make Up.  This cool look with half skeleton and going down the next and upper chest is extremely creative and unique. Excellent Halloween costume.  

skeleton makeup

  Broken Doll and Creepy Clown Costume.  Don't forget your weird hand puppet!

halloween costume #halloweencostume #clowncostume


Broken Doll Face Make Up -

broken doll costume makeup


Adorable Racoon and --- Fail! Burlap Bag costume.  So this I thought would be such a scary great idea ,,,,,but nope, It was hard to wear and hard to see and over all I do not recommend.   I do recommend the Racoon -what a fun costume!

 burlap costume #costumefail #racooncostume


Not everyone can pull off this Brett Farve Cosume but since my husband always gets questioned if he is Brett Farve it was a no brainer for Halloween!

 brett farve #brettfarvecostume #brettfarve

I hope these costumes help you decide what you want to do this year for Halloween!  Happy Halloween!



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