10 DIY Art Ideas to try! FUN Ideas

There are so many fun and creative ways to make your own DIY art. Here are some fun ideas to try out

  1. Abstract Paintings: Get some canvases, paint, & brushes and create your own unique abstract paintings. Experiment with color, texture, and shape to make some original art for your home.

  2. Other Painting: Experiment with acrylic, watercolor, or oil paints to create your own artwork. You could also try different painting techniques, like finger painting or splatter painting! (outside lol)

  3. Mixed media: Combine different materials, such as paper, newspaper, fabric, magazine, and paint, to create a textured and layered artwork.

  4. Photography: Grab your camera and take photos of interesting objects, landscapes, or people, and print them out to create a photo collage or frame them to hang on the wall.

  5. Collage Art: Cut out images and words from magazines and newspapers and use them to create a collage. Print some of those photos in your phone and cut out your favorites.

  6. String Art: Hammer nails into a board in a pattern or shape of your choosing, then wrap string, yarn or embroidery floss around the nails to create a textured and colorful piece of art.

  7. Embroidery Hoop Art: Use embroidery floss to stitch a design onto a piece of fabric, then frame it in an embroidery hoop. This is a great option for those who enjoy sewing or embroidery.

  8. Paper Quilling: Roll thin strips of paper into coils and then shape them into various designs, such as flowers, animals, or patterns. Glue the designs onto a canvas or frame them for unique wall art.

  9. Geometric Wall Art: Use a ruler and pencil to create a geometric pattern on a canvas or paper, then fill in the shapes with bright and bold colors.

  10. Upcycled Art: Repurpose those items you no longer us. Upcyle old books, vinyl records, or wine corks, into unique pieces of art. For example, you could create a book page wreath or a record bowl.


 With a little imagination and a few supplies, you can make your own beautiful and unique DIY art.


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