10 Crazy Things to do with Teens this Weekend

My daughter is past her teens, but I know the struggle and you are not alone!  Its so touchy with that age.  Super hard to know exactly what to say because it can be turned around on you in a second.  Even if you did not mean it in that way at all. 

I found for my sanity to say something like " when I say something its because I care for you"  "I wouldn't just say a catty thing like high school"  or "It's a Mothers job to protect and try to steer you in a good direction"  and even if some might sound corny I said it at different times with a smile.  Humor played a very big roll to connect in awkward moments.  We literally called things we did together "bonding" time lol.

It might be weird or sound weird, but I did kiss her before bed and "tucked" her in to bed every night and when she got older we called it "tradition" and sometimes she would yell to her Dad and say that I didn't tuck her in correctly and he would have to do it.  We laughed and it was a cute playful moments that I will always remember and hopefully she will too. 

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So on to the:

10 Crazy Things to do with Teens this Weekend:

Not everything will be right for your family but hopefully this will help with that "bonding" time :)


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