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Epidemic Sound is an accelerator for artists and music creators who want to make a living, gain audience members, and prosper through music.

Get 30 days Free - What it allows?

You are free to publish an unlimited amount of content. You just have to let them know by registering your channels using Epidemic Sound’s music during the trial. You are only allowed to publish content on the channels that you have added to your subscription. Content published during the trial will be cleared from copyright claims forever!

Create your own Playlists:

You can even save your own playlist on our site to be able to find it easier when you ready to make your project. You can also discover the music by category.  They easily allow you to play the music in the list to quickly find the right soundtrack you need.

 Licenses and Rights

Epidemic Sound says "With our music licenses you’re free to use the music without having to worry about paying additional fees or royalties.  Our music is both legally and financially cleared for all platforms worldwide. Forget synchronisation rights, mechanical rights and public performance rights – we offer all rights included."

The License Model:

"Epidemic Sound's definition of royalty-free music goes beyond the standard definition. We own all economic rights connected to our music and can offer a direct license."

How to get a FREE 30 Day Trial

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Get heard, get paid, and grow. For Music Creators too!

Epidemic Sound’s ecosystem lets you thrive creatively and commercially. All our music flows freely and fairly between you and the world’s biggest storytellers, brands, and music streaming services.

get paid for your music

Epidemic Sound’s ecosystem lets you worry less!  You gain followers creatively and commercially. Let the music flow freely and fairly between you and the world’s biggest storytellers, brands, and music streaming services!

They don't care about your background or experience. They are always curious to hear new music. They for independent and enterprising music creators who relish feedback, desire development, and grow when working toward a common goal.

Currently, we partner with artists and music creators who are: Citizens or residents of the US and Sweden. Click Get heard banner for details.


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