Trick Photography and Special Effects

Become Unique, Creative, And Artistic By Taking Breathtaking Photographs That Blow People's Minds Away!

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Dozens Of Rare Trick Photography Ideas Are Included In This 295 Page E-book, Along With 9 Hours Of How-to Photography Video Tutorials.

The videos are easy watch and pause and work at your own pace. Evan is personable and explains things well.

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Learn about Evan Sharboneau how he started and how his amazing mind can help you be a better trick photographer and wow your family and friends!  Click below or above to venture into his world and see what this ebook and video tutorials can do for you!

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Blog post by theArtChick

 I make art tutorials for (mainly) Paint, Resin and Wood Stain.

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There will be beginner to advanced techniques. And lots of experimenting so you can see what resonates with your soul and give it a go! I'm just getting started and over the fear of the camera so please join me as I grow!