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Don't Rush Your Next Tattoo And Soon Regret It. Find Your Next Tattoo Design In Our Growing Collection Of Tattoo Resources With Over 30,000+ Designs.


Even Tattoo Artists love this massive collection of Tattoo Designs because they can find and share designs with their clients. 

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  • The World’s Largest Collection
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  • Angel Tears
  • Billy Angel
  • Black Label
  • New Rocker
  • League of Ages


  • Top Videos
  • How-To Videos
  • Collection Videos
  • Funny Videos
  • Over 60 Hours of Videos and so much more!


Getting a tattoo is probably going to be permanent so please take your time to know exactly what you want. With 60+ Tattoo Design Categories you can't go wrong!  Don't get stuck like me with something from your "teen" years that you still have to wear around in your 40's :P


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 I make art tutorials for (mainly) Paint, Resin and Wood Stain on youtube.

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There will be beginner to advanced techniques. And lots of experimenting so you can see what resonates with your soul and give it a go! I'm just getting started and over the fear of the camera so please join me as I grow!